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Has anyone ever told you that your child is “over sensitive”? Do you notice that he or she has big emotions or is sensitive to light, sound, or touch more so than other children? My name is Amy Barilla and I work with children with sensory, anxiety, and digestive issues. I know, firsthand, the challenges families experience when looking to meet the needs of their sensitive child.

The Kids Healing Workshop is an opportunity for kids with sensory and emotional challenges to learn how to independently calm and manage emotional triggers. Kids attending the workshops can experience more focus, clarity, and emotional balance throughout the school day. It also carries over to how they feel at home and when participating in extracurricular activities and social settings.

Workshops integrate a variety of  creative outlets; sound therapy, art, gentle stretch, and breathing. Students also become members of Kids Healing Vegas. Projects such as hosting canned food drives, creating happy rocks for our local gardens, and residents of skilled nursing facilities are just a few examples of the acts of kindness and healing they’ll circulate throughout our community.

For inquiries on how you can bring the Kids Healing Workshop Las Vegas to your school campus or children’s organization, please send email to:


Kids Healing Workshop