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Amy Barilla


I’m happy you have stopped by to gain some perspective on the multi benefits of Reiki for pediatrics. Families in crisis are often left wondering what to do. How can I help my child who is struggling emotionally and/or physically?

Strides are being made in the alternative healing arena. Little by little, more parents are exploring care options. Reiki, which is an energy healing modality, can offer a child so many opportunities to release and reset their nervous systems.

Most children starting on care are presenting with a common host of issues:

  • Anxiety
  • Frustration/anger/aggression
  • Digestive imbalance
  • Sleep imbalance
  • Testing anxieties
  • Extracurricular anxieties (sports, theatrics, etc)

Through your child’s initial consultation, a care protocol is established. It’s tailored to your child’s needs and we lay the groundwork for their healing journey. Pediatric care is also paired with other therapies. It poses no contraindication. Once we get them over the “hump”, their care will adjust and we can maintain them. As they grow, any adjustments can always be addressed as their brains develop. That’s the power of consistency in care. We meet the child at their level!

Most mothers that start their child on care will eventually ask if they can receive care, too. ABSOLUTELY! Mama Bear care is equally important. Mothers can come and decompress and we can work on releasing, resetting and recharging your body, mind and Spirit. It also helps the family dynamic. Even pets in the home can feel the energy shift!

Life can be messy, sticky, stormy, thorny, and downright challenging. It’s also beautiful, empowering, awe inspiring and fabulous. It is during the stormy times that we tend to question, doubt and lean towards discouraging energies. My role is to work with you and together, reel you back to the shoreline so the horizon begins to clear up. It’s not always pretty work, but it’s so damn worth it.

What you see here is just the beginnings of what is to come. I’m grateful that you visited and look forward to working with you and your family.

In peace and prosperity-


About Me

A native of Upstate New York, I’ve been living in the desert over 20 years. 2018 marked my tenth year in private practice. When I’m not in the Kid’s Cave, you’ll find me replenishing my Spirit on the Pilates Reformer or on the yoga mat. Embracing the silence and enjoying the company of loved ones is also a huge plus. By taking care of ourselves, we are able to harness the magic that is waiting for us.



Everyday Messages was a project three years in the making. Several years ago, I found myself channeling affirmations and motivational mantras for everyday life “stuff”. Initially, I shared them on Facebook and the website. I then began creating mantras for clients as part of their individual sessions.. Over time, I had so many, I decided I’d like to turn them into a deck. They went through a couple of overhauls and facelifts, but the core messages were never altered.

This thirty-three card deck fits perfectly in the palm of your hand. Do not be fooled by it’s smaller size. They are vibrationally high and will not disappoint. The words, colors and artwork are here to offer you a daily nudge, support and motivation amidst the business of our modern, sometimes chaotic human existence. Not only are they suitable for adults, but families are also partaking in selecting their daily cards.

I am overjoyed that they are playing a positive role in the lives of so many, so quickly. I’m grateful and look forward to seeing them in your homes(and hands) as they inspire and stretch you beyond your comfort zone towards new, improved levels of awareness and healing .

May you be infinitely blessed and affirm:

Patience IS progress.
Peace IS possible.
It IS done.

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peregrine fund

Paying It Forward

I’ve always felt that when we give, it is returned to us many times. I’ve had a long time love with birds of prey. They have taught me how to see through the layers, to hone my vision, and to see the deeper meaning in everyday things (no wonder the deck is titled “Everyday” Messages).

That being said, it is an honor to work with The Peregrine Fund as my charity of choice. Each quarter, a portion of sales of Everyday Messages will be donated towards the ongoing efforts of these amazing humans, who tirelessly devote themselves to educating, rehabilitating and conserving our beautiful winged friends.

You may learn more about The Peregrine Fund by clicking here